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Join OGS: Contribute Your Time and Talents

It’s Membership month here at the Ontario Genealogical Society. If you’re a current member, you have received or will soon receive your OGS membership renewal form with your November issue of Families. If you’re not a current member, now is the best time to join us to ensure you get a full year’s worth of OGS membership benefits.

So, why join OGS?

Whether it’s transcribing gravestones, creating an index, writing a book, planning an event, we’re always looking for people to help out with the many projects we have on the go. There are projects that our individual branches work on and then there are those that involve members province wide.

 Volunteers are what keep OGS moving and you can be part of what we do. Check out the volunteer opportunities at the provincial and branch levels or simply contact your closest branch or the provincial office and offer your skills.

Many thanks to all the volunteers whose hard work has built OGS over the past 50  years. Check out our Interview with a Volunteer series to pay tribute and be inspired.

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