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Join OGS: Network with Other Genealogists

It’s Membership month here at the Ontario Genealogical Society. If you’re a current member, you have received or will soon receive your OGS membership renewal form with your November issue of Families. If you’re not a current member, now is the best time to join us to ensure you get a full year’s worth of OGS membership benefits.

So, why join OGS?

Genealogy may seem like a solitary activity that is done sitting in front of a computer or in a dark corner of the library. This is far from true. Some of the greatest genealogical discoveries are made by chatting with other genealogists.

There is no better way to join a community of genealogists than by joining the Ontario Genealogical Society community. You can network at branch meetings, at Conference and through our Members Message board in the Members Only section. Newsletters keep you up to date on what’s happening in Ontario genealogy these days

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