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Join OGS: Learn to be a Better Family Sleuth

It’s Membership month here at the Ontario Genealogical Society. If you’re a current member, you have received or will soon receive your OGS membership renewal form with your November issue of Families. If you’re not a current member, now is the best time to join us to ensure you get a full year’s worth of OGS membership benefits.

So, why join OGS?

Most family histories are rife with mythology. We’ve all been told the tales of how great great Grandma came to Canada by selling the family jewels or how six times Great Uncle Fred escaped from the French Revolution with his head on his shoulders.

Those may not be your exact family tales but these stories often blur the line between history and tall tales.

OGS offers many ways for you to improve your ability to tell fact from fiction when tracking down your ancestors. We publish books  as well as our quarterly journal Families. They share information about genealogical skills and practices.  Many of our branches offer workshops to help you get better at searching the records for the information you need and determining whether you can trust what you find.

Join us and you’ll build the skills you need to get the whole story on your ancestors.


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