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Join OGS: Expand Your Family

It’s Membership month here at the Ontario Genealogical Society. If you’re a current member, you have received or will soon receive your OGS membership renewal form with your November issue of Families. If you’re not a current member, now is the best time to join us to ensure you get a full year’s worth of OGS membership benefits.

So…Why Join OGS?

Most of us have more relatives than we think we have and doing your genealogy is a great way to find them. Many genealogists soon discover long lost cousins or complete branches of their family that they had no idea even existed. These discoveries can lead to new friendships and family reunions.

OGS offers you the opportunity to find these people and make those connections. Our branch meetings (find out more on our facebook page ) as well as online communities such as our member message board allows you to share your work and findings with other genealogists.

You may find yourself talking to family members you didn’t know you had.

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