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Ontario Genealogy this Month: October

 Here are some genealogy activities and events happening around Ontario this month:

 October 9th – Researching Canadian Military Records Using Online and Traditional Resources
Discover which Canadian military records are available for different time frames and for different military conflicts, where those records are, how to access them, plus tips and hints for interpreting Canadian military documents. Case studies, compiled by using internet based and physical records, will illustrate effective strategies, research processes and results.
Instructor:  Rick Roberts
Fee: $15 ($17)
For More information: Toronto Branch Website

 October 9 – 16 - Celtic Quest Research Trip to Dublin, Ireland. If you’ve signed up for genealogist Dick Doherty’s genealogical trip to Ireland, have a fantastic and illuminating journey! If you have not, you can find more information  on the Celtic Quest website and in the brochure

 October 13 – Region 10 Annual General Meeting. This regional AGM is being held in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

 November 13 & 20 – Publish Before You Perish
This course will outline the steps required to publish your family history in a printed book format. Where do you start? Learn how to plan, prepare and print the story of your family. Topics include: organizing material, designing a layout, creating maps, merging text and images, obtaining an ISBN number and library catalogue entry, choosing a publisher, marketing your book.
Prerequisite: Participants should be familiar with word processing concepts.
Instructor:  Nancy Conn
Fee: $30 ($33)
For More information: Toronto Branch Website

 October 14 – Dinner Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Niagara Penninsula Branch, OGS. This celebratory dinner is being held at Betty’s Restaurant in Niagara Falls and features guest speaker Kevin James of Ancestors in the Attic speaking on “Skeletons in the Closet” and “On the Trail of Dark Family Secrets”
Tickets are $25.00
Contact Niagara Branch by email:

 October 16 – Region I Annual Meeting. This meeting is being hosted by Lambton Branch in Wyoming Ontario. Guest speakers include, Lesley Anderson, Alan Campbell, George Pitfield and Brad Grey.
Check out the description for more information

 October 20 – Beyond the Basics Course (4 sessions). Have you lost momentum in your genealogical research? Struck a “brick wall”? This course will offer you an opportunity to look at your research assumptions and rethink your analysis of problem situations so that you can generate new research goals and tasks. The classes will be discussion-oriented and content will be geared towards the interests and needs of the participants. To that end, we are requesting that you register early and, if possible, submit some of your genealogical problems two or three weeks in advance of the class start date.
4 sessions, Wednesdays, 6:15–8:15 PM Oct. 20–Nov. 10
Instructor:  Ruth Burkholder
Fee: $60 ($66)
For More information: Toronto Branch Website

 October 23 – Hamilton Branch 40th Anniversary Luncheon. Celebrate 40 years of Hamilton Branch at this wonderful afternoon lunch an enjoy guest speaker, Brian Gilchrist.
Tickets: $20
View the invitation for more information

 October 23 – 24 -British Home Children Descendants Reunion. In commemoration of 2010 being the Year of the British Home Child in Canada, the Brant County Branch of OGS is holding a two day open house for descendants of home children and anyone with an interest in the stories of the home children who came to this country. 
For more information, visit
As seen on the blog: Celebrate the Year of the Home Child with Brant County

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