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Gems in the stacks

There are many straightforward  genealogical resources in the OGS library, but we also have materials other than census and vital statistics, or passenger lists and cemetery transcriptions. Over the years, the provincial library has collected books that tell historical stories. Reading these hidden gems may help you flesh out your family history and show you more about the type of life your Ontario ancestors lived.

By the Labour of their Hands: the Story of Ontario Cheddar Cheese
by: Heather Menzies

This book relates the history of cheesemaking in Ontario. It describes dairies and the process of cheesemaking, using accounts that begin around 1864, and carries through to the industrialization of cheese. The process of making cheese is described in detail as well as the sideline crafts of cheese presses and moulds. The book goes on to describe the growth of the cheese factory into the hub of rural communities in Ontario and its subsequent decline after World War II.

Through the discussion of specific companies and family anecdotes, the book puts a human face on the Ontario cheese industry and the mark it has left on the province.

By the Labour of their Hands: the story of Ontario cheddar cheese
By: Heather Menzies
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Request the book at the provincial library, or find it at your local library

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