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Long Form Census Debate Returns

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A few months ago, the plan to scrap the long form census was all over the media, even here at the OGS blog. The opposition to losing the long form census and replacing it with a voluntary National Household Survey was loud and full of fire, leading to the resignation of Canada’s Chief Statistician. And then, the topic seemed to disappear.

This week, the debate returns. Several media sources report that the federal Liberals have submitted details of a private member’s bill that seeks to amend the Statistics Act to include the long form census, making it mandatory once again. At the moment, the Statistics Act, only requires that a census be held and does not specify the exact nature of the census or the questions to be asked.

 The proposed bill also seeks to remove the possibility of jail time for those who neglect or refuse to fill out the census form, although it would still require that those people be fined.

The leaders of the NDP and Bloc Quebecois indicate that they would support such a bill.

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