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Plan your next family reunion at the library

One benefit of genealogy is that the researcher often comes across new family members. And even if they don’t, learning family stories can leave a genealogist with the desire to get the whole family together and talk about the history.

If you’re considering planning such a family reunion, the OGS provincial library has books to help you organize an event that runs smoothly and is fun for all involved.

The Family Reunion Sourcebook. By Edith Wagner. 1999.
This is a ten chapter book describing the process of organizing a family reunion. The author addresses topics such as food, venues and activities and advises planners not to work alone. the book also touches on more difficult topics such as determining who should be invited and how the event should be paid for. Planning and budgeting resources are included in the appendix.

Family Reunion Handbook: a complete guide to reunion planning. Tom Ninkovich. 1998.
This book offers detailed advice for organizing a family reunion. With chapters labelled “Keeping Records”, “Mailing/Postage”, and “Special Places for Family Reunions” the book includes diagrams and visual examples of planning and publicity tools. At the back of the book are stories of successful family reunions.

Your Family Reunion: how to plan it, organize it and enjoy it. By George G. Morgan. 2001.
This book focuses on the pre-planning of a reunion describing what to expect from different sixed families and touching on topics such as budgeting, publicity and permits and licenses for the event. The book shares web resources and strategies as well as offline ones. Two chapters describe activities for the reunion including advice on the pursuit of genealogy during the event. A series of worksheets at the back of the book are designed to help the planner through the process.

Find these books in our Library Catalogue and then request them at the library.


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