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Artistic Family Histories, at the library

One of the most common ways genealogists present their research is by writing a book. The library has many books on the subject of writing your family history, but this is not the only way to share the fruits of your research.  The provincial library has a few books covering other creative ways to present your family history to others.

Scrapbook Storytelling: save family stories and memories with photos, journaling and your own creativity. By Joanna Campbell Slan. 1999.
This book offers instructions and tips for presenting your family history as a story scrapbook. It has a workbook component to help you create a plan and describes what items to save and include as well as techniques on how to craft your book.

The Art of the Family Tree: creative family history projects using paper art, fabric and collage. By Jenn Mason. 2007. 
This book shares ideas and techniques for visually displaying your family history through the use of 3 dimensional trees, decorative journals and collages. Many examples of artistic expression are shown to inspire the family tree artist in all of us: tree mobiles, topiary family trees, wreaths, sculpture, and more. If you’re looking for an alternative way to present your family tree, this book is for you.

Crafting Your Own Heritage Album. By Bev Kirschner Braun. 1998.
 Like the first book, this book is a guide to sharing your family history as a carefully crafted scrapbook. This book focuses more on organizing your materials and using archival quality supplies to preserve and store the records of your family heritage. It also shares creative presentation techniques and general genealogical advice.

Find these books and more at the OGS Provincial Library


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