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New Blog Category: Brickwalls

Welcome to a new category for the OGS Blog: Brickwalls. The intent behind this new category is to offer the genealogical community a place to seek and offer assistance to those who have hit that inevitable and much dreaded brickwall. Please keep in mind that this is not intended – nor can it – function as a research service. If you require the services of a professional genealogist, your best bet is to visit the website for the Association of Professional Genealogists: The APG also has an Ontario chapter:

Here’s how it works – aka, The House Rules:

  • If you have hit a brickwall, you may send a detailed, but brief, i.e. no more than 4 paragraphs, query to: blog[at] – with Brickwall Query in the subject line.
  • Once your query has been posted, anyone who believes they can offer assistance may contact you in one of two ways:
    • Include contact information in your query – Keep in mind though – this is a public site!!
    • Not comfortable with putting your info out there? No problem – folks can simply leave any info they may have in the comments sections of your post – you just have to remember to check the blog regularly to see if any comments have been left for you.

Please note: Submissions may be edited for length and the protection of personal information.

All comments are moderated before being made public

Our first query is from OGS Member Philip Gross who is looking for Birth/Baptism records for:

Elizabeth Fleming Elizabeth was the last of seven children born to Daniel Fleming and Elizabeth Fleming (nee Taylor). The parents migrated from Bradford-on-Avon in 1828 with their first three children and spent the years to 1840 in Erie County, Pennsylvania. My first record of the family in Canada is the Baptisms of the three US-born children at St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Burlington, Upper Canada on 29 September 1840. The 1841 Census of Upper Canada, a Head of Household survey, suggests Elizabeth was alive and counted on 1 February 1841 (two girls – Lucy and Elizabeth – under age 5). The 1852 Census of Canada West list her as aged 11, in the 1861 Census she is 19, in the 1871 Census of Ontario she is 28. She is 39 in the 1881 Census and 49 in the 1891 Census. The notes taken by a previous researcher from the Family Bible kept by the mother says Elizabeth was born 27 March 1842. The headstone of Elizabeth the child is in the Ruthven Cemetery in Essex County and it says she was born 27 March 1844. She died 27 July 1923. She had married Upton Harwood on 12 September 1872. I have baptism/birth records for all six of the first children, so it is fair to say Elizabeth too must have been baptised and the records made, the problem is where? They came, according to family tradition, to Bronte Village at the mouth of the Bronte Creek where it drains into Lake Ontario. The 1842 Census does not identify the location of the property they live on except to say it was Lot 11 in Concession 1 and that they were not the owners of the lot. They did acquire a Lot 13 in Concession 3 close by the village Milton some 10 miles inland and north of Bronte village in May of 1842. Following the tradition of this family, I suspect the baptism and the records may exist in the records of one of the following churches: Location Church First Year Records Niagara-on-the-Lake St. Mark’s Anglican Church 1792 Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1792 Burlington St. Luke’s Anglican Church 1835 Baptisms 1835, Marriages 1835, Burials 1836 Hornby St. Stephen’s Anglican Church 1836 Baptisms 1836, Marriages 1837, Burials 1849 Dundas St. James Anglican Church 1838 Baptisms 1838, Marriages 1839, Burials 1838 Hamilton Christ’s Church Cathedral 1838 Baptisms, Marriages & Burials, 1838 Oakville St. Jude’s Anglican Church 1842 Baptisms, Marriages & Burials, 1842 It seems to me that she was born on 27 March but that may be a baptism date. I am asking for help in finding this record.

If you think you can assist Philip, he may be reached at:


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