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Conference Niagara 2014 Needs Your Opinion

Here we go again — we have removed and added two new tours! As we are busy preparing for conference, we have come to the spot were we have to decide about which tours to offer. We know what we like for the tours but we really would like to know which ones you like. We are also thinking about offering tours on Thursday and Friday, comments are welcome.

Please visit the Conference 2014 website at and select “Tours Survey.” You can view and read about the five possible tours and make your opinion count with the poll on the webpage.

Thanks for being involved and sharing your opinion. – The Conference 2014 Committee

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2 Responses to “Conference Niagara 2014 Needs Your Opinion”

  1. Ken Hanson says:

    Can’t find survey – how about Fort Niagara as a tour site -

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ken,
    Here is the link to the Conference Niagara 2014 Tours Survey:

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