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Submitting corrections and/or feedback for the 1921 Census of Canada

This was first posted back in August, but with the release of the indexed 1921 Census, it bears repeating:

“1. When you’re viewing an image from the Census, click on “Tools” in the upper right corner of the image viewer (see below). Select “Report problems”. Then select the type of issue to report from the drop-down, and fill out the rest of the information. The most frequent issue reported at this time will probably be “Problem with an image (missing, wrong, unreadable)”. The other may be “Inaccurate information”.

2. Or, contact our member services team directly by phone at (800) 958-9073.

Thank you for your interest in providing feedback and helping us improve this collection as best we can.”


If you do not have a subscription to, here is a direct link to the 1921 Census page:

Note: If you are accessing from a Canadian IP address, you can search the fully indexed 1921 Census of Canada for free. You will still be required to set up an account however.


One Response to “Submitting corrections and/or feedback for the 1921 Census of Canada”

  1. Keith Sly says:

    I have made some corrections which were transcription errors and was surprised to see them posted immediately – no vetting unlike Automated Genealogy. I see some errors by the enumerators in recording names and relationships but think it unwise to change them.
    The Ancestry protocols are obviously much less rigid than those of Automated Genealogy.

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