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At the Library: Family Medical History

Genealogy helps us develop a greater sense of our own identity by showing how our ancestors and the lives they lived have shaped us and the life we now live. Some people are more passionate about these discoveries than others, but one way in which family history research has become important to everyone is where health is concerned.

Scientists focusing on genetics are demonstrating through more and more studies that health problems are hereditary and that knowing your family medical history, helps you prepare for what health issues you may face in your future.

OGS has some books to help you with this.

Family health trees : genetics & genealogy
By Luanne McNabb, Elizabeth B.J. Curtis and Kathleen R. Barclay-Bowley

This book is an OGS publication. It is available at the provincial library and the second edition (2005) can be purchased from our e-store. The book explains genetics and describes how to chart your family’s health history. 

The Genes in your Genealogy
By Sherilyn L. Bell & Constandina N. Arvanitis
This instructional book discusses the genetic components of genealogy including DNA testing and health trees 

We also have several articles on this topic in the June 1994  issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly which you can also access at the Provincial Library. 

To find more books about family medical history, you can search our catalogue
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