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OGS/Dundurn Publications: Genealogist’s Reference Shelf Series

Conserving259Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring Your Heritage

Kennis Kim


“We all have archives of one form or another, and need to know the best way to keep them intact.… will help just about everyone.” –Dave Obee, Times Colonist

History surrounds us, in museums, in our community and in our homes. Whether objects were bought, found or inherited, these artifacts offer glimpses into the past — a time, place, event or person we wish to remember and share with the future.

As custodians of pieces of our history, we are faced with how to maintain these items. Professional conservator Kim tells us how. Topics discussed include:

  • Creating an accession list
  • What are conservation, restoration and preservation?
  • Deciding on display, storage or using the artifact
  • Common threats, such as light, humidity, insects and rodents
  • When to call in a professional

Here’s all you need to determine what you can do yourself to preserve your precious things for future generations.

2010 171p glossary appendices illustrations

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