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Happy (fill in your history) Day

Today is a holiday in most parts of Canada  so the OGS Office is closed.

Many parts of Canada have a holiday today but, despite what your calendar says,  only Manitoba, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories officially refer to it as the Civic Holiday (note: Quebec does not have a holiday today).

In British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick the day is named after the province in question. Alberta calls it Heritage Day. Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia call today Natal Day; and in Ontario, the day has different names depending on where  in the province you are .

But whether you’re celebrating Simcoe Day in Toronto, Colonel By Day in Ottawa, Founders’ Day in Brantford, John Galt Day in Guelph or Alexander Mackenzie Day in Sarnia, or you call the day yet something else,  OGS Provincial Office hopes you have a wonderful first Monday in August.

…And please let me know if I’ve left out the name today is given in your area. I’m sure there are some I have yet to learn.


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