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Huguenots at the Library

Could you be descended from a Huguenot?

The Huguenots were French Protestants who were forced to flee from religious persecution in France during the 17th century. They fled to other parts of Europe and many eventually wound up in North America.

Many people with Huguenot ancestors belonged to the Huguenot Society of Canada. Unfortunately, the Huguenot Society of Canada ceased operation in 2006. Since then, their library collection has been on semi-permanent loan to the OGS provincial library. We hold books and journals that cover topics in Huguenot heritage and genealogy.

We also hold a series of Huguenot Family Papers that can be viewed by appointment at the provincial office.

Our collection of Huguenot Journals including the following:

1. Huguenot Trails – Published by the Huguenot Society of Canada, Hamilton
    We have occasional issues of this publication going back to 1966

2. Huguenot & Walloon Gazette – Published by the Huguenot & Walloon Gazette Association, England
We have issues from 1986 – 1989

3. On Huguenot Street – Published by the Huguenot Historical Society, New York
 We have issues from 1999 – 2001

4. Hugenotten (German language) - Published by Deutschen Hugenotten-Vereins e.V.
We have issues from 1968 – 2006

5. Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina – The Society, South Carolina
We have issues from 1990 – 2004

6. Huguenot Society of South Africa Bulletin – Published by The Society, South Africa
We have issues from 1967 – 1991

7. We also have select Publications, Proceedings and Quarto Series from the Huguenot Society of London

Visit the library to request any of these items.

Also check out our Library Catalogue to see what other Huguenot materials we have!
Search “Huguenot” in the subject field.


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