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OGS Projects: Keeping and Valuing Ontario’s Heritage

Keeping and Valuing Ontario’s Heritage is The Ontario Genealogical Society project that offers digitization services to heritage organizations throughout Ontario. Any heritage organization may contact the Provincial Office to indicate their interest in the project.

 Through this project, digitized materials will be placed on the pay-per-view (PPV) section of the OGS website. This will allow web users to access documents from across Ontario in the comfort of their own homes. For a minimal fee, a user will be able to access documents such as vital statistic records, family history collections, church and school histories, and obituary collections. Other records that will be available include Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir Histories, land grant records, and tax records like assessment and collector’s rolls.

 The OGS has access to several pieces of scanning equipment. This includes a large sheet-feed scanner that operates like a photocopier, a microfilm scanner, an automated book scanner, and a copy stand. The copy stand is the piece of equipment most often used, as it can accommodate large or small and bound or unbound documents. It can also be easily moved and set up in any organization’s office space.

 Digitization is very important as it allows a second copy of the information to exist. While nothing can replace the paper copy of a document, the digital copy will preserve the information, should the original be lost in a fire or flood. Digitization also improves the accessibility of the records and the inclusion of the documents in the PPV site can help promote small heritage organizations.

 The heritage organization retains all ownership of the digitized documents and receives a digital copy of the documents. OGS will also retain a copy of the documents, allowing for a backup to exist, which increases the security of the records. Any one interested in more information is welcome to contact the Provincial Office.

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