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FYI:Images of the 1921 Census of Canada are now available on

At approximately 2:00 pm, EST, images of the 1921 Census of Canada were posted on  At approximately 3:00 pm, EST, Library and Archives Canada posted the following on their website:

“Canadians can now browse the 1921 Census of the Canadian population, free of charge on

Researchers can explore the 197,529 pages of information through an index of districts and sub-districts. will also take the extra step of indexing 8.8 million names, addresses and other information for a searchable database, and developing advanced search tools to go along with it. Canadians will be required to pay for the extra convenience of doing advanced searches from their home. They will do this at their own cost, and will be offered a choice of free or paid access.

  • Free access will be possible in person at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and through hundreds of subscribing libraries across Canada.
  • Free access to raw census records will be available online.
  • Paid access will only be necessary if someone wants the extra convenience of doing advanced searches from home.”

To read LAC’s statement in its entirety, follow this link:

The census images are currently only searchable by geographic location.  If you are searching for your Ontario family members in the census, here is a link to the Ontario Locator to assist you in your search:
If you do not have a subscription to ancestry, follow this link to access the 1921 Census of Canada:

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  1. Hi

    Just remind people that they will have to browse pages of returns before they will get to their ancestor. I found my grandparents on 6/13 pages, but then again, they lived in a small village. It would have been much more difficult if they had lived in Toronto!


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