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OGS Flickr page for old and unidentified photos

They say that possession is nine-tenths of the law. It would seem that this idiom is also applicable to genealogy, i.e., family photos. Most of us have a collection, either inherited or gathered, of these old photos and while they are lovely to look at, quite often we have absolutely no idea who the people in them are. Despite this, we hesitate (usually), to discard these mystery photos because after all, they must be family, otherwise why would we have them in our collection…right?

In an effort to assist you in identifying and hopefully determining whether these mystery people are indeed family, the OGS has created a flickr page for old and unidentified photographs. You can access the OGSoldphotos’ flickr page and see if you recognize any long-lost relatives by following this link:

We are also going to feature one of these mystery photos weekly on the blog.  Here is our first Mystery Photo for this week:

Mystery Photo #1












Photo donated by Mary Nix


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