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At the Library: DNA testing in genealogy

Are you considering DNA testing as part of your family history research?

DNA tesing has been a popular topic in genealogist circles over the last few years. In this month’s issue of Families, Paul Caverly has written an article about his own experiences using DNA testing in his genealogy research. The article can be found on page 6 of the August 2010 issue.

Caverly’s article mentions some of the resources he used to learn more about DNA testing and genealogy. Some of the books and magazines he mentioned are part of the provincial library collection.

DNA and Family History: how genetic testing can advance your genealogical research
By: Chris Pomery
Toronto: Dundurn Press
Pomery 2004

He also refers to articles in the following magazines:
Family Tree Magazine,
Family Chronicle
APG Quarterly.

We subscribe to these three magazines and you are welcome to visit the library to read the articles he has referred  to.

To find other books on DNA research, visit our library catalogue.
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