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Interview with a Volunteer: Steve Fulton

Without the hard work of volunteers all across the province, OGS would simply cease to exist. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. This feature is designed to introduce you to some of them and let you know about the work they’ve been doing

Steve Fulton is a member of OGS and Niagara Peninsula Branch

 How long have you been involved with OGS?

 What hats do you wear / have you worn?
Co-Chair – Newsletter Assembler, Web and Tech Support, Publicly and Sales Table

 What project or event has been a highlight of your work with OGS?
Rebuilding Niagara’s Website and getting the Paypal Setup to accept Credit Cards is one of the many highlights, the biggest one is working with people who are dedicated to the work of the Branch.

 How did you become interested in genealogy?
My wife told me to get a hobby, so I did.

 Would you like to share a favorite genealogical adventure you have had or tell us about a part of your family history that you particularly enjoyed learning?
Found a new cousin that was living 10 minutes away.  Didn’t know he existed and he had been forgotten about in the family ranks.  Bringing him and his family back into the family was very exciting for me.


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