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Interview with a Volunteer: Mike More


Without the hard work of volunteers all across the province, OGS would simply cease to exist. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. This feature is designed to introduce you to some of them and let you know about the work they’ve been doing

Mike More  is a member of OGS and the following branches:  Ottawa, Leeds & Grenville, Quinte, Simcoe, Bruce & Grey, Niagara Peninsula and York Region.

 How long have you been involved with OGS? 
Early in 1992, I submitted an article to the Ottawa Branch news. A few month later, I was asked to take over as Membership Director.

 What hats do you wear / have you worn?
I have been Ottawa Branch: Membership Director, Vice-Chair, Chair, Past Chair as well as on the Seminar 2000 Committee and Chair of Seminar 2007 Committee. I am currently Chair of Ottawa Branch again as well as Gene-O-Rama Chair, Genealogy Week Co-Chair, on the Conference 2012 Committee and  Director Region VIII.

 What project or event has been a highlight of your work with OGS?
 The most rewarding event has been the two OGS Seminars (now known as the OGS Conference) that we hosted in Ottawa. I enjoy helping others get more out of the hobby and the OGS Conference provides a great many genealogists with advice and help.

 How did you become interested in genealogy?
When I was a teenager, my paternal grandfather showed me the family Bible with the family back to his grandparents. I found it interesting and asked some questions to other relatives and compiled some notes, mainly BMDs. The hobby was put on hold while I attended university and through much of my career but the interest was re-kindled when a friend gave me a copy of a genealogy program for the Commodore 64. I entered my old data into the program and in search of advice, found Angus Baxter’s In Search of Your Roots in the library. One of the suggestions was to join your local genealogy society and I joined OGS.

Would you like to share a favourite genealogical adventure you have had or tell us about a part of your family history that you particularly enjoyed learning?
I still remember an early visit to the then National Archives and my thrill at finding my More ancestors listed on the 1871 census. Even though I had found them quickly by using the Index to the 1871 Census book, it was exciting to see the names written more than a century before.

Many thanks to Mike for his hard work!


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