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FYI:Upcoming Heritage Events for the Weekend of: May 11, 2013

If its spring it must be time for another season of Doors Open Ontario.  This weekend we are off to Norfolk and Richmond Hill.


Along with architectural treasures such as the Lynnwood Campbell/Reid house and La Salette Historic Church, Norfolk is also showcasing its rich heritage in the Arts.  Simcoe Little Theatre and Lighthouse Festival Theatre are just two of several venues that will be opening their doors to the viewing public. Click here for more details and a full list of Norfolk Doors Open venues.

Richmond Hill:

Burr House and Guild Hall, Cober-Johnson General Store and Thomas Boynton House are among the approximately 20 heritage and cultural sites participating in Richmond Hill’s Doors Open event.  A full list of all the Richmond Hill sites can be found here.

Happy Touring!

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