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Upper Canada Society

On February 10, 1841, Upper Canada and Lower Canada (Ontario and Quebec) were united into one province known as Canada. Upper Canada then became known as Canada West and Lower Canada became Canada East.

If your ancestors lived in Ontario before this date, you are invited to apply for membership in the Upper Canada Society.

Visit the Upper Canada Society section of our website to learn more about this opportunity and to download an application form.


2 Responses to “Upper Canada Society”

  1. Roger Robineau says:

    I only started this hobby six months ago. It seems like every second click asks for more $’s, and here is another example. I am sorry, today is a bad day and i may be more cynical than usual. I jsut had to say this.
    I could have posted this on your Facebook announcement but i am not in that bad a mood today. ;)

    Roger Robineau

  2. Barbara Barr says:

    Heh the great thing about this is that if you don’t want to spend the extra $s, then you don’t need to apply for the Upper Canada Society membership. I used to think that something like this was snobby but my ancestors have been here since the War of 1812 and granted land in the Ottawa Valley for military service–a fact of which I’m very proud.

    Will I make application for the Upper Canada Society once all my data is there–maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s something that would be of interest at our next family reunion.

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