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1837 Rebellion Society

The Rebellion of 1837 was a rough time in Upper Canada (Ontario). While the rebellion itself caused relatively little bloodshed, it divided families and tested the ideals of many. The rebellion was not successful in overturning the government, but it did lead to union of Upper and Lower Canada and the eventual implementation of Responsible Government in the colonies.

If your ancestors were involved in any side of this battle, you may qualify for membership in The 1837 Rebellion Society. Membership is open to anyone who can prove descent from any of the following:

  • a person who was charged with being a rebel
  • a member of a militia unit that was mobilized during the rebellion
  • a member of the regular army who was in Upper Canada during the rebellion
  • a person who was named as being involved in some form with the rebellion and its aftermath (e.g. court official at a trial, juror, etc.)

The proof must meet genealogical standards in order for you to qualify for membership.

Visit the 1837 Rebellion section of our website for more information and to download an application form.


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