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War of 1812 Society

Canada and the U.S. have been at peace with one another for almost 200 years now, but many Canadians can trace their ancestry to someone who was involved in the War if 1812

Can you?

Membership in the Ontario Genealogical Society’s War of 1812 Society is open to anyone who can prove they are descended from any of the following:

  • a British soldier based in what is now Canada during the War of 1812-1814
  • member of any Canadian militia unit that saw action during the War of 1812-1814
  • a native who saw action on the British side during the War of 1812-1814
  • Proof of descent must meet genealogical standards for membership in this Heritage Society.

    Visit the War of 1812 Society section of our website to learn more and download an application form.


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