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Centenary Club

Did you have family in Ontario more than 100 years ago?

Have you done the research to prove it?

If so, apply to join the Ontario Genealogical Society Centenary Club and proudly share your heritage with everyone!

There are three levels: BRONZE for those who can demonstrate a line of descent of more than 100 years within Ontario; SILVER for those with over 150 years; and GOLD for anyone who can demonstrate a line of descent in Ontario of more than 200 years.

To learn more and download an application, visit the Centenary Club section of our website.


2 Responses to “Centenary Club”

  1. Pat Jeffs says:

    It would be easy for me to apply for admission to the Centenary Club. I would only have to provide the source information for my parents’ birth registrations and a phoocopy of my own birth certificate to receive bronze level. I am even eligible for gold level–and could list the evidence for that as well.

    However, when I get to the second or third web page of the Centenary Club section and find that I would have to provide $20 with the application, my interest wanes. Whereas I might be pleased to have my name on a list of OGS members who can trace their lineage back 100 or 200 years in Ontario, a certificate to prove it is of no interest. Where would I put it? To hang it up would oblige buying a picture frame as well. To put it away in a drawer would make it one more piece of paper for my family to throw out after I’m gone.

    A club with a bit of exclusiveness is one thing; paying for a bit of fancy parchment is another.

  2. Centenary Club says:

    What a wonderful fund-raising idea!
    I have the information for the 200-year club & will be purchasing certificates as Christmas gifts for my dad (96 years young) and his youngest grandson (just eight!)
    A great idea — and I have told others of it.