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Summer Students: Sarah

Every summer, OGS applies for grants so we can offer summer employment to university students who have an interest in history, heritage and genealogy. This year we had the privilege of hiring 2 hard working students for seven weeks each.

Sarah Gletnak has worked at OGS provincial office for two summers now. She has worked hard to scan books for the e-library scanning project and then to proof those scanned books to make sure they’re ready to be added to the e-library. She has also helped catalogue our microfilm collection.

Sarah recently graduated from Queen’s University with a history degree. She focussed her studies on 20th century British history and particularly enjoyed researching the evacuation of children from England to Canada and other parts of the United Kingdom during World War II. As part of her studies, she read the autobiography of Ben Wicks which she recommends to anyone with an interest in these events.

She also spent a term studying in England where she fell in love with the closeness of historical sites. She notes that there are many great historical sites in Ontario but it was amazing to be able to see ancient buildings and ruins that were only a few minutes away from where she stayed.

Working with OGS has not been Sarah’s first experience working in the genealogical community. A few years ago she worked at St. George’s on the Hill Anglican cemetery in Etobicoke, near her native Mississauga. She assisted in organizing the cemetery records and digitizing their maps. She spoke with several genealogists who visited the cemetery and used the results of her project to do their research. This piqued her interest in genealogy even if her work here has required her to spend more time struggling with 5” inch binders that are hard to scan than doing her own genealogical research.

What she has enjoyed most about her work here at OGS is the opportunity to explore family histories and to see the care and pride genealogists take in their work. Sarah hopes to continue her history studies either here or in the United Kingdom and we wish her well wherever she goes.


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