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Summer Students: Elizabeth

Every summer, OGS provincial office applies for grants so we can offer summer employment to university students who have an interest in history, heritage and genealogy. This year we had the privilege of hiring 2 hard working students for seven weeks each.

This is the second summer we’ve had the pleasure of having Elizabeth Atkinson join the staff here at the provincial office. She has been involved in our e-library scanning project and has also worked hard to help update our databases and tidy up our library catalogue.

Elizabeth is a Pickering Ontario native who recently completed an undergraduate degree in English and History at Queen’s University in Kingston. She particularly enjoyed combining her love for literature and history when taking a course discussing literature and history outside of the confines of the book. It was for this class that she wrote a paper studying the trend of kitsch architecture in Montreal.

While she didn’t know much about genealogy before being hired for the summer student position, she found it interesting instantly and learned about us through our website. Operating the large book scanning machine is the part of the job she most enjoyed and loathed at the same time. Each book comes with its own quirks and challenges and the book scanner’s settings must be adjusted to take many factors into account such as the dimensions of the book and the thickness of its pages. She found the investigation and problem solving part of it appealing, but sometimes she wished the problems could be solved faster.

We will miss Elizabeth but we hope she enjoys the rest of her summer and wish her well this fall as she begins studies for a Master’s of Library and Information Studies at University of Toronto’s iSchool.


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