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On Our Website: All about Cemeteries

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At some point, most genealogists wind up dealing with cemeteries and cemetery records. Not only does a tombstone tell you the date of birth and death of an ancestor, some of them also share the names of relatives or details of the life that ancestor lived.

 We have many passionate members who have worked hard over the years to make it easier for you to find out who’s buried where.  Visit our Ontario Cemetery Ancestor Search page to search for the names you need in the indexes of cemeteries all across the province.

 Then check out our Cemetery Locator  and find the location of any known cemetery in Ontario so you can visit the cemetery to learn more. You can also follow the link to the OGS Branch website and buy a transcription of many cemeteries. Over the years, volunteers have transcribed most of the cemeteries in the province. The transcription process continues as more and more cemeteries are discovered everyday.

 Just because we’ve found a cemetery, doesn’t mean that it’s been preserved. Take a look at our Unregistered Cemeteries page  and find out how you can help preserve these spaces for the future.

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