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On our Website: for beginner genealogists

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The OGS website isn’t just a place to come to find our address or to renew your membership. There’s plenty of other information and resources to check out as well.

 If you’re a new genealogist, just getting started on your family history, we have a page on the website to help you. We call it How to Research Your Family History .

 This is a quick guide for beginner genealogists which gives a brief overview of the process of family history research so you know what you’re getting into when you first decide to embark on your genealogy journey.

 On top of sharing some basic research strategies such as the principle of moving from the known to the unknown. You can find information there about useful resources that will help you in your search. We also promote our own books as resources here and we hope that this section will give an aspiring genealogist a place to start and a sense of the journey they are beginning.

 Bon Voyage!

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