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Len’s expert advice: do your own searching

Using online genealogy services:

Many genealogy web services invite you to simply put in names and let them search the databases for you, but this searches all of the records they have. This generally retrieves a large number of records most of which will be for the wrong time or the wrong place, and all of which will have to be sorted through… by you.

Skip this basic type of search.

 Search particular records for a selected place at a relevant time. Learn the virtues and vices of each record type, and select the best record – most detailed, most reliable – that includes the information you seek.

 - Len Chester

Len Chester is the Resident Genealogist at the Ontario Genealogical Society’s provincial office. He is a retired librarian and Family History Centre volunteer with over 40  years experience assisting others in conducting their genealogical research.  He is available to help you puzzle out your records. Contact him at .

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One Response to “Len’s expert advice: do your own searching”

  1. Pat Jeffs says:

    All very good advice when you have some clues, but not much help if all you have is birthplace “England” in an Ontario census.

    BTW, I found him after more than 20 years searching. Now I am looking for his wife whose maiden name is unknown. The marriage is also yet to be discovered.