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At the Library: Family Histories and Family Charts

Genealogy is a collaborative process. Research may sound like a solitary activity and it may conjure up the image of an individual reading microfiche in a darkened room,  but many genealogists learn a lot from discussing their research with others and from reading the work other genealogists have already done.

Our Family History collection and  our collection of Family Charts are designed to help you benefit from the research of others.

We love it when people turn their research into a book and OGS strives to collect any and all family histories relating to Ontario. If you’ve written your family history and wish to donate a copy to us, contact us, and let us know. We have about 3500 such books in our library. They are in our catalogue and can be searched for by family name.

A Family Chart or pedigree is similar to a family history in that it shows the generations of a family. We have over 2000 family charts (family trees) that genealogists have constructed based on  their research. We have indexed them and the database is searchable on our website. Once you’ve found names you are interested in, visit our provincial library and request them.

Take a look at these resources. You never know who you may find.

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