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Poll #5

As Genealogists we love sharing information, and this week’s poll is all about sharing. DNA testing for genealogical purposes has been gathering a lot of steam over the past several years. If you have followed recent TV shows such as Who Do You Think You Are? or Finding your Roots, then you will have seen how DNA testing has been employed in making ancestral connections and building family trees. However, while the thought of finding your ancestral roots, both geographically and spiritually is certainly appealing, for many of us, taking this step can be quite daunting. So, this week’s poll gives you the opportunity to share your experiences and thoughts regarding the use of DNA testing in family history research:

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As we prepare for Fall, and the return to school, work, etc., we are going to take a short break from the Polls. This will also give those of us who have been otherwise engaged over the summer a chance to catch up. You can easily access all 5 polls by going to the category section on the right hand side of the page and clicking on polls.

See you in a few weeks!

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One Response to “Poll #5”

  1. Rose Imbeault says:

    DNA genealogy is just starting as a science, I believe that many more millions of tests will have to be done to create a worthwhile searchable data bank.

    Lets be patient and keep hoping, we will we get there. DNA results are working very well for American descendants of slaves. East coast Africans were offered free of charge their DNA profiles in order to help the American descendants.

    Would it not be great if our european relatives had their DNA done as well in millions. Only future will tell

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