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Poll #4

Thanks to all who voted in last week’s poll. Judging from the results thus far, more than a few of you have managed to go back 7+ generations in your family tree. A lot of work indeed! We are going to switch our focus a bit for poll #4 as this week’s question is going to be about webinars.

As you know, we have been testing out the member webinars, ironing out the kinks, etc. We are now at the stage where we can move away from the more technical aspects of webinars and focus on issues that we, as genealogists, are more concerned with.

If you need a refresher on just what a webinar is and how to access one, then sign into the members section of the OGS website and click on the following links: What is a Webinar, Watch a recorded Webinar. You do need to be an active member of the Ontario Genealogical Society to access this service.  Details on the benefits of membership and how to join can be found here.

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Is your topic of interest not listed?  Want to suggest one? Leave your suggestion in the comment area or email us at: blog AT

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3 Responses to “Poll #4”

  1. Pat Jeffs says:

    1. OGS projects–active ones described by their organizers, especially projects that allow participation online (such as Toronto Branch’s work on Toronto burials).
    2. Producing a family tree website, or some other website that has to do with family history.

    Since I live in the UK, I cannot even watch your webinars because you have scheduled them for Ontario evening viewing and you have not arranged repeats.

    I begin to feel I should be asking for a discount on my membership–but you can’t afford that.

    I might be proud of the fact that I am eligible for Heritage Society Certicates, but I would far rather have my name on a published list with others equally eligible than pay for a fancy piece of paper to hang on my wall.

  2. Sarah Newitt says:

    Hi Pat Jeffs,

    Thank you for your suggestions. It is always good to receive suggestions from our members so we can tailor what we offer to your needs.

    Yes, the webinars we have offfered up to now have been primarily in the evening and that does tend to limit attendance to people who are in the Eastern time zone or its close neighbours. They have been offered this way as those were the dates and times that worked for the presenters.

    The goal as we offer more webinars is to spread them out across a variety of days of the week and times of the day so that people who may not be able to attend some webinars may be able to attend others. Unfortunately there is no single date and time that will work for all OGS members all of the time so offering a variety is the best we can do to accommodate time zones and work schedules.

    There is, and will continue to be, a section in the OGS Members Only area where many of the past webinars will be made available to view as recordings for those who were unable to attend the original webcast.

    We cannot guarantee all webinars will be available in this way as different presenters may have different needs regarding their materials and copyright but we will strive to have most webinars available as a recording for, at least, a limited time after the webcast.

    Thanks for your continued support of OGS.

    - Sarah Newitt
    Executive Director, OGS

  3. Pat Jeffs says:

    Glad to hear you are recording webinars when presenters permit.

    Believe it or not, the OGS is the only genealogical/family history I belong to. I want to get as much out of it as I can despite the distance.

    What I have discovered and joined is, a free wiki for adding family trees. Oh how I wish that more Ontarians would join up–I have only found about 6 active members so far. I have been keeping myself busy teaching them and me Ontario geography past and present (i.e. townships and the new municipalities). Great fun.

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