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1st Anniversary British Home Child Day in Ontario Event planned for Friday September 28, 2012 at Upper Canada Village.


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Ontario East British Home Child Family, an organization dedicated to the promotion of the British Home Children story in Canadian History, is pleased to present the 1st Anniversary British Home Child Day In Ontario on September 28, 2012 at Upper Canada Village. While some records show that young British children were sent to North American colonies as early as the middle 1700’s, the vast majority of the British Home Children came to Canada beginning in the 1860’s and ending during the 1930’s. Sometimes referred to as “The Little Immigrants” British Home Children were often orphans or impoverished children who came under the care of a number of different philanthropic organizations such as Barnardo’s, the Catholic Emigration Service or Quarrier’s. This year the event at Upper Canada Village will look at the role of William Quarrier who created a “Children’s Village” in Renfrewshire Scotland to assist orphans and destitute young people. In addition to displays, exhibits, speakers, vignettes and the popular story-telling in Christ Church at the Village there are a number of authors who will be present at the 1st Anniversary British Home Child Day In Ontario. These include Penny Draper author of “Day of the Cyclone”, Sandra Joyce, author of “Street Arab – A British Home Child Story” and Beryl Young who wrote the book “Charlie” which was based on her father’s experience as a British Home Child who was placed in Inkerman, Ontario. As was the case last year, the day will end with a British Home Child Day Dinner at Willard’s Hotel which will be by advance reservation only.

New this year will be a British Home Child Day in Ontario Symposium/Information Session which will be held on September 29, 2012 at the South Stormont Township Hall in Long Sault. This event will begin at 9:30 am with registration and coffee followed by a day full of exhibits, displays, speakers and research information. Cost for attendance at this event is $10.00 which includes refreshments and attendance at the event.

For further information on the events of September 28 and September 29, please do not hesitate to contact Carolyn Goddard at 613 938 2455 or by email at, Jim Brownell at or Tom Brownell at,


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