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Poll #3

The response for our first two polls has been fantastic, thanks everyone for participating. ¬†This week’s poll is a big one so read carefully!

How many generations have you been able to go back in your family tree?

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3 Responses to “Poll #3”

  1. Carol Graham says:

    I got a lot of help from cousins, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without a great deal of help from relatives not web-sites.

  2. Joyce Fingland says:

    My mother was a member of the Mayflower Society and my father had a well documented family history so I had a great deal of information to begin with.

  3. Pat Jeffs says:

    One gravestone got me the last 3 generations on my mother’s side and that was found back in 1981. Parts of Scotland were able to us the right kind of stone for memorials. Thegravestone information was backed up with baptisms on parish registers found later.

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