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Creating an Index to a Family History?

“Genealogists enter family histories through the back door, through the index. If a book has no index, that door is closed” – Patricia Law Hatcher in Producing a Quality Family History.

When you create and index to your family history, consider formatting it so it can be easily added to The Ontario Name Index (TONI). TONI is a project of the Ontario Genealogical Society to create a single index of all the names in Ontario genealogy. Family histories are an important resource for genealogy so we want to include indexes to as many as possible.

The essential requirement of TONI is that we be able to extract the last name and first name separately. To do this, ensure that your index contains three or more clear columns:

Last Name         First Name          the rest (e.g. page number)

 Brown                Samuel                          42

We can solve any other problems but if you want to make the conversion easier, contact for further hints.

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