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Archives of Ontario on TV

If you’re in the Rogers Cable viewing area over the next couple of weeks, this may just the show to satisfy your appetite for Toronto area history and the long history of the Archives of Ontario.

Tune in to Structures on Sunday, June 19th at 9pm for our next premiere.  Join host, Heather Seaman for a look at the homes, past and present, of the Archives of Ontario since 1903, including the Ontario Legislative Building, Whitney Tower, The Archives and Canadiana Building, and more! 

Each episode is an adventure through Toronto’s neighbourhoods, streets, landmarks and personalities that have shaped our city’s history and architecture.  Structures airs Sundays at 9pm on Rogers TV (cable 10 in Toronto/cable 63 in Scarborough & cable 510 in HD).

Airdates include:
Sunday, June 19 @ 9pm
Monday, June 20 @ 8:30am
Tuesday, June 21 @ 7pm
Wednesday, June 22 @ 2:30pm
Monday, June 27 @ 4:30pm
Tuesday, June 28 @ 12noon
Friday, July 1 @ 2:30pm

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