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On Our Website: Branch Locator

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Image courtesy: Renjith krishnan, link below

When you go to our website, you don’t have to be satisfied by simply reaching the provincial level of the Ontario Genealogical Society. You can also use our website to find plenty of  information about our Branches.

OGS has 30 branches set in different regions of the province. We also have 2 Special Interest Groups for members who have an interest in a particular genealogical topic.

It’s at our branches where the magic happens. Each branch holds vibrant meetings, runs exciting genealogical projects, hosts a branch website,  and provides resources to meet the needs of the members of that branch… all through the continued hardwork and dedication of our members who volunteer their time to make each branch the best it can be.

Check out our Branch Locator to find out which branch is nearest to you and then attend the next meeting or volunteer for a project. We’re always happy to have more members in our genealogical community.

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