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OGS Directors Approve new British Home Child SIG

 It’s official. 

At Conference 2011 the OGS Directors approved the establishment of the British Home Child Special Interest Group (BHC-SIG). An organization meeting was held on Friday May 13, 2011 and sufficient interest was expressed to proceed. The executive positions are being filled but we do need a volunteer for Secretary/Treasurer.

Over the coming months we will be finalizing our goals, establishing projects and putting together our first newsletter. If you have an interest in British Home Children then join us in making this SIG a success.

The cost to join the SIG is $5.00. If you are already an OGS member just mail in your $5.00 cheque to the OGS provincial office indicating that it is for 2011 membership in the BHC SIG. You may also call the office or email Marsha, our Membership Co-ordinator at  to add this branch.

For those not currently OGS members note that the OGS is launching a partial year membership option for brand new members starting June 1, 2011.  If you choose this option then  you will be given the opportunity to add the BHC-SIG to your membership when you join online or by mail. The cost will still be $5.00 for the SIG.

Phil Ellis
Chair, BHC-SIG

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  1. Phil Ellis says:

    We now have a Secretary and a Treasurer so all executive positions have been filled.

    Phil Ellis
    Chair, BHC-SIG

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