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116th Haviland Family Reunion

Calling all Havilands!

Here is your chance to connect with your family again.

The 116th Haviland Family Reunion will be held July 9th 2011 at Waterford North Conservation Area  in Waterford Ontario.

Saturday’s events will start at 1:00 a.m. with registration, followed by a 12:00 noon pot luck buffeet meal at the Pavilion. There will be afternoon activities for all ages: baseball, volleyball, genealogy sharing, renewing of acquaintances, viewing group photographs and the “Canadian Haviland Family Genealogy” books, and face painting.

Captian John Haviland, a United Empire Loyalist, having served the British as an artificer in the American Revolution, moved from Haviland’s Hollow on the NY/CT state line and settled in 1803 at Townsend Township, Norfolk County, near Brantford. Descendants have held a reunion annually since 1896.

For information contact:  
David Haviland
PO Box 269
Otterville, ON N0J 1R0


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