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OGS Announces Partial Year Membership

OGS memberships run for the calendar year January to December, but genealogists are inspired to join at all times of the year and they shouldn’t have to wait for the end of the year.

This summer OGS is launching a partial year membership option for brand new members. From June onwards, anyone who wants to join OGS for the first time will be able to take out a membership for only $35.

 New members who take advantage of this offer will receive Families and Newsleaf starting from the date they join (no back issues) and will have access to all the benefits of OGS membership from that date forward. New members who would like to receive the back issues of Families and Newsleaf should take out a full year membership.

 The half year membership for new members will be valid until the end of December of that year when the new member will have the option to renew their membership for a full calendar year.

 If you know someone who wants to join this summer, let them know that they don’t have to wait, they can become a member now and try us out.

 This offer is valid for brand new OGS members or for those whose membership has lapsed for two years or more. Welcome back. We’re happy to see you again.


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