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On Our Website: Strays Database

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There are several databases full of Ontario genealogical information available on our website through our Members Only section. Become a member to take advantage of these resources.

One of these databases is the

Strays Index

A “stray” is someone who had significant life events in more than one place, such that it is not easy to tie them all together. For example, a person may be born and married in Ontario but died in Alberta. To a genealogist working on the Ontario family, this person just disappears, with, at best, a family story that he “went west”. This is a common genealogical brick wall.

The Strays Index breaks down that brick wall. As an OGS member you have access to  the searchable index and can make use of the information found there to overcome your own genealogical brick walls.

The strays project is worldwide, with information being sent to and from other genealogical societies. The information is gathered by volunteers who during their research keep an eye out for people “from away”. The researcher fills out a strays form and sends it in. The system works because genealogists are willing to gather the information.

We have tens of thousands of strays. Some have been transcribed and are now online. The rest will go up as quickly as they can be transcribed, so remember to check the Index often.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, you can get paper reporting forms or a simple Excel spreadsheet to fill in, by e-mailing

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