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On Our Website: Wall of Ancestors

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There are several resources full of Ontario genealogical information available on our website through our Members Only section. Become a member to take advantage of these resources.

One of these resources is the

Wall of Ancestors

During Conference 2009, held in Oakville from the 29 to the 31 of May, 2009 and hosted by Halton-Peel Branch OGS, a Wall of Ancestors display was set up and maintained by volunteers from Hamilton Branch OGS.

Conference attendees could post a small notice requesting information about people to help them with their genealogical research. During the conference, many people visited this display and made notes of those who could possible help them with their research.

There were more than 800 cards posted during the conference with more than 960 entries.

Now, you can search this valuable database of information. These postings provide a great resource for people searching for information about their ancestors. You may find others who are looking for people who are in your own research files. Maybe you will discover a long-lost cousin and the two of you can blend your information to make a more complete story of your families.

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