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OGS Open Forum with the President a Success

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

An Open Forum with OGS President Shirley Sturdevant was held at 7 PM on 8 January 2014. Participants set the topics and asked the questions.

Topics of discussion included: Family Day activities, accessibility initiatives, newsletter guidelines, transcriptions, vote on bylaws and call for candidates, OGS finances, membership fees, Families in electronic format, Digital Rights Management (DMR), webinar costs and promotion, Infant Home Records, OGS transparency, advocacy partnering with other provincial societies, Branches partnering to offer courses and Branch Facebook pages. Some participants suggested this type of forum be a regular event to keep members updated and to clarify Society happenings.

Annoucing February’s OGS Genealogy Webinar

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Evidence: Guidelines for Evaluating Genealogical Evidence

presented by Linda Woodward Geiger

A discussion of the standards used to evaluate evidence found in a variety of sources and documents

Date: Tuesday February 4th, 2014

Time: 7:00 pm (on-line room opens 6:40 pm)

Linda Woodward Geiger is the principal researcher, author, and lecturer, of She specializes in state and county records for Georgia and a variety of US federal records. She also has experience in many other geographic regions of the United States and her personal research involves New England records.

Linda is an associate of the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG). She is also a Certified Genealogist, Genealogical Lecturer, and a former trustee and editor of the BCG newsletter, OnBoard. Linda currently serves as president and webmaster for the Friends of the National Archives at Atlanta.

Up to 100 people can access this webinar at one time. The room will open 20 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. All OGS members will be able to access the webinar via the Members Only area.

If you would like a personal reminder of this webinar and more detailed access instructions, please contact OGS Provincial Office at:

Upcoming Heritage Event: Genealogy Workshop

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Heritage Mississauga and the Halton Peel Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society are pleased to present:

Searching for First World War Ancestors

Date: Saturday February 8th, 2014

Time: 10am-3pm

Location: Historic Robinson Adamson House, 1921 Dundas St. W., Mississauga, ON L5K 1R2 (map)

(one block west of Mississauga Road at Sir John’s Homestead)

Featuring: Professional Genealogist and Lecturer Ruth Blair

Fee: $25.00, Covers both sessions

Fee must be prepaid to reserve seat

Coffee and Tea will be served.

Please make your own arrangements for lunch.

Call to reserve your seat today.

905-828-8411 ext.”0″

Space is limited so call and make your booking early.

Brief Overview:

Session 1: “In Search of Your First World War Ancestors”

Was your ancestor in the First World War? Resources to find military records will be presented whether he be from Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia or the United States. If your First World War ancestor was a woman we will also be discussing resources to find service records for women who served at home or on the front.

Session 2: “You Won’t Find it All in Your Ancestor’s First World War Military File”

We will be discussing other resources to help you find out more about your ancestor’s experience in the First World War. You won’t find it all in the military file. These resources will help you build a better picture of what your ancestor and his family went through during the First World War.


OGS Continues to Advocate for the Protection of Unregistered Cemeteries

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

In Spring 2011, a group jointly representing OGS and the Ontario Historical Society had a meeting with the then Minister of Consumer Services, John Gerretsen. The result of this meeting was a commitment by the Registrar to register all Ontario cemeteries provided we could acquire location information for these cemeteries.

Since 2011, OGS volunteers have worked in the branches and Provincial Office, to gather GPS information for cemeteries across the province and send that information to the Registrar. To date, we have received no word that any of the previously unregistered cemeteries had been registered, so OGS President, Shirley Sturdevant, wrote a letter to the current Minister of Consumer Services to inquire about the delay.

The letter is available on the OGS Advocacy page and resulted in a request for a meeting from the Registrar.

The Ontario Genealogical Society continues to work for the protection of Ontario cemeteries.

OGS Genealogy Webinar For January Now Archived

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

The latest OGS Genealogical Webinar: Problem Solving with Timelines with speaker Beth Foulk was offered live last Saturday and is now posted in the OGS Members Only area for all members to enjoy.

To access the Webinar, please login to the Members Only Area and select OGS Webinars from the left hand menu, and then click on Genealogy Webinar Series at the top of the page. Enjoy!

Reminder for OGS Open Forum

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

There is a lot going on at OGS these days. The Board is changing and the Society is taking on new initiatives and incorporating new technologies and we want to hear from you.

OGS invites members and non-members to join in an online discussion forum with President, Shirley Sturdevant. You lead the discussion. Ask questions you want answered and share your thoughts about the changing face of OGS and volunteer opportunities with the Society as we move forward.

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST
Location: Online via Adobe Connect

Even if you cannot make a visit to this Open Forum, Shirley Sturdevant would be happy to hear your comments and answer your questions. She can be reached at president[@]

Hope to see you online.

Together we are all OGS.

Log in to the OGS Open Forum here:

FYI: Registration for OGS Niagara Branch Conference 2014 NOW OPEN!!

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Well it is time!! OGS Conference 2014 Registration has opened!! Please read all instructions before proceeding to make the registration process work for you. Click on the link below to begin.

A first for OGS Conferences, Niagara Branch Conference 2014 is Pleased to offer


If you have never attended an OGS Conference due to distance or cost


The AGM and Branch Executive Meeting will be hosted and live-streamed on Adobe Connect FREE for all.

The Plenary: Social Media Panel will be broadcasted via Google+ hangout.

Watch the Conference Website for further details & instructions.

You must register online to view the Sessions offered by the following Speakers:

Speakers streaming in:

Luana Darby (Ohio)

  • Audrey Collins (England)
  • Dave Obee (British Columbia)
  • David Holman (England)

Speakers streaming out:

  • Stephen Young
  • Chris Paton
  • Lesley Anderson

Whether it be in person or online, we look forward to welcoming you to Conference 2014.

Reminder: Ontario Genealogical Society Open Forum

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

The Ontario Genealogical Society invites members and non-members to join in an online discussion with President, Shirley Sturdevant. Ask questions and make comments about the changing face of OGS and volunteer opportunities with the Society.

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014
Time: 7:00 p.m.
More information will follow.

This forum is open to anyone who is interested but you may express your interest and receive a reminder and your own copy of the login information by contacting the OGS provincial office at

Please use the subject line “OGS Open Forum.”

FYI: Important Information Regarding the Canadian Archives Summit

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

“Towards a New Blueprint for Canada’s Recorded Memory”

A National, Regional and Online Discussion

OGS President, Shirley Sturdevant, recently received the following communique from Ian E. Wilson, former Librarian and Archivist of Canada:

The leaders of the Association of Canadian Archivists, the Council of Canadian Archives, L’association des Archivistes du Quebec and the Committee on the Archival System Task Force (CAST) have been planning a special Canadian Archives Summit, to be held at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, on January 17, 2014.  This is a unique opportunity for the Canadian archival community and our key partners to discuss, envision and create the archival services Canadians need and expect as we become a digital society.

The proceedings will be live streamed to 15 or 20 locations across the country where regional groups will listen to the series of 7 minute presentations and form their own discussion circles to feed ideas into the national conversation.  We see this as one step in a longer term process to develop consensus and allies on the future of archival services.  The proceedings will be kept live online for a month or two with a moderated discussion to allow all who are interested to voice their views; then we will prepare a report for consideration at annual meetings of various constituencies in May-June.

Genealogists and Family Historians are a key stakeholder group throughout Canada’s Archival community. As such, we have a vested interested in the future of our Archives. The OGS continues to be in close communication with the Summit’s organizing group, and will participate where opportunity permits.

Here are some links should you wish to learn more about this important Archival Summit:

The Canadian Archives Summit Program: 

The Association of Canadian Archivists:

The Archives Association of Ontario:

FYI:Reminder for January 2014 OGS Genealogy Webinar

Monday, December 30th, 2013
All OGS members are invited to attend the next lecture in our Monthly Genealogy Webinar Series: Problem Solving With Timelines, with Speaker Beth FoulkDate: Saturday Jan. 4th, 2014
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: Online via Members OnlyProblem Solving with Timelines
When you create a personal timeline on an ancestor’s life, it is easy to see facts, relationships, and stories emerge that were never before apparent. Learn how to create a timeline and the many uses for them in genealogy research and analysis.

Beth Foulk is a Professional Genealogist based in Missouri, U.S.A. She discovered her love of genealogy through her father, who built a 115-name family tree with every family member’s name he knew. She shares her knowledge through lectures, articles, her website:, and one-on-one assistance. Beth has been teaching at the Midwest Genealogy Center since June 2008 and gave her first Webinar in September 2013.

All OGS members will have access to this Webinar through a link in the Members Only area. If you wish to receive a reminder about this Webinar, please contact the Provincial 

*Please note that OGS Provincial Office will be closed from Tuesday, December 24 through to Wednesday, January 1, 2014.