The following are guidelines to help you write your War of 1812 Ancestors Family Story


Your ancestor must have fought in or been affected (i.e. house burned, claim for losses) by the War of 1812
Include interesting stories about his/her life during and after the war of 1812, which will help to make your story “come alive”
Where, when was your ancestor born?
What regiment and battles was he in?
How did they serve?
Did they suffer any property losses?
Were they forced to fee?
What was his/her occupation prior to War and after the War?
Where did he/she settle after the War?
Family Information (Who did he/she marry, When, Where, were there any children?)
Where is his/her burial place
Include a Pedigree chart if you have one


Submission Information:


Each Family Story is not to exceed six 8½x11 pages (including text, charts, photos etc.) Note: there is no minimum, we will accept a paragraph or two
Must be submitted in Word, Word Perfect or RTF file format (please no PDF files)

Include Pictures if you have any (must be JPEG format)
Spellcheck your Family Story prior to submitting
Send your submissions on or before midnight September 30, 2012
A completed release form must be received with each submission
E-mail your submission & release form to:

You can Submit Files and Photos on our website - You can attach multiple files for your submission


If you have questions please e-mail the branch at



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