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Ontario Genealogical Society’s 50th Anniversary

In 2011, the OGS will be 50 years old. The OGS Board has approved the following celebrations and projects to commemorate the occasion.

50th Anniversary Project List
Project Description Lead
1. Conference 2011 To be held in Hamilton on May 13 to 15, this will be our birthday party. Details can be found on the OGS website (www.ogs.on.ca, click on Conference) and through our blog (reach it through our website). Don Hinchley, Past President, is Conference Chair.
2. Cruise We will hold a genealogical cruise of the east coast of North America in September 2011. This is a continuation of our birthday party. For information on the ‘ports of call’ and the dates and costs please see the website. Mary Rossiter, Director of Region 10, and Cathy Blackburn, Director of Region 9, are leaders of this project.
3. Golden Anniversary Family Histories For the 25th anniversary, OGS requested family histories and received 620 of them. We are seeking more family histories for our 50th, with a particular request for updates to the histories produced for the 25th. These family histories will join the 3,500 family histories now in our library and will go into our e-Library, ensuring that the histories are never lost and making them available worldwide. Paul McAlister, Director of Region 11, is leader of this project
4. Top 50 of the Past 50
We are asking the OGS Branches and Regions to name three or four OGS Members (current or past, including Family and Associate) who have made a significant contribution to Branch / Region / OGS, with a description of their accomplishments. From these proposals we will select the top 50 as a way to honour those who have worked mostly in the Branches. Don Hinchley, Past President, is leader of this project
5. TONI (The Ontario Name Index)

Indexes, particularly name indexes, are the most valuable thing a genealogical society can produce. We are going to create a single index of Ontario names, indicating where information about that person can be found. The index will go on the public part of the OGS website so that anyone can access it. TONI will show:

First name,
Last name,
Record type (birth, marriage, death, obit, tombstone, newspaper article, etc, etc),
Date of event, at least to the decade,
Location of event, at least the county,
Where the full information may be found.

OGS currently has over two million names indexed online but not in one index. It will be straightforward to bring TONI to ten million entries and it has the potential to reach fifty million entries.

Mike More, Director of Region 8, is leader of this project.