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Ireland SIG Virtual Library

These members own the listed resources pertaining to Ireland and Irish genealogy. They would be willing to do any lookups in these resources for other members.

Please deal with the listed member directly.

Ireland and Irish Genealogy Resources
Name of Resource Author Publication Date Description ( or link to pdf ) Member Name Email Address
Various See list See List John Noble's Irish Book List John Noble nobility1817@gmail.com
Various See list See List Karl Kincade's Irish Book List Karl Kincade karlkincade@usa.net
Various See list See List John Collins' Irish Book List John Collins jmacollins@gmail.com
Various See list See List Alan Campbell's Irish Book List Alan Campbell Alan.acsresearch.campbell@gmail.com
Various See list See List Debra Honor's Irish Book List Debra Honor dhonor@cdpwise.net

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