Hamilton Branch Newsletter

The Branch newsletter is published four times per year. We are always looking for submissions of articles or information to include.

  • Do you have an interesting family story to tell? We're happy to help write it.
  • Do you have old photos that you'd like to share?
  • Have you transcribed a document you would be willing to share?
  • Did you find a new web site? How about a new book? Tell us.
  • Did you come across and interesting article on-line? Send us the URL!
  • Is there a new television program about genealogy?
  • How about podcasts?

Note: Copyright Law does not permit us to re-publish articles or images unless we have permission of the copyright owner, or the item is out of copyright. However we can summarize an article and give its URL.


The Hamilton Branch Newsletter is published four times a year (February, May, August, November). The deadlines for submissions are January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.

For the latest edition of the Hamilton Branch newsletter please click February 2015

Genealogy Queries for the Newsletter

We print your query when time and space allow. There is a limit of 50 words per query including your name & address.

Hamilton Branch members: Hamilton Branch members may submit two free queries per year for publication.hamilton@ogs.on.ca

Non-members: Non-members or members submitting more than two queries, need to send these, along with payment of $3.00 per query, to our mailing address:

Lincoln Alexander Elementary School
Hamilton Branch OGS
P.O. Box 2558
Hamilton, Ontario L8W 2B5

Queries may also be submitted by e-mail as along as payment with Paypal follows.